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Liverpool FC vs AFC Bournemouth


Kick-Off Date/Time:

12:30pm, Saturday 7th March 2020


Allocation Size:


The Cherries travel to Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC

Last season, the Club received feedback from supporters that some tickets sold in the general sale period were not purchased by Cherries fans. The allocation for this fixture is 936 tickets, reflecting the number of tickets sold in the past two seasons to Cherries points holders.

Points Schedule:

10 Away Points: Wednesday 5th February 2020
7+ Away Points: Sunday 9th February 2020
4+ Away Points: Wednesday 12th February 2020
1+ Away Points: Sunday 16th February 2020
1+ Home/ Away/ Cup Points: Wednesday 19th February 2020
Off-Sale: Friday 6th March 2020 at Midday



General Admission:

Adults: £30.00
Over 65's: £22.50
17-21's: £15.00
16 & Under: £9.00

Restricted Views:

Adults: £29.00
Over 65's: £21.50
17-21's: £14.00
16 & Under: £9.00

Severely Restricted Views:

Adults: £27.00
Over 65's: £19.50
17-21's: £12.00
16 & Under: £9.00

Wheelchair User/ Ambulant Disabled Pricing:

Adults: £22.50
Over 65's: £17.00
17-21's: £11.00
16 & Under: £7.00

Accessible Ticketing:

Ambulant disabled supporters and Wheelchair users pay the above rates; If requested and currently in receipt of DLA for middle/higher rate of care or higher rate of mobility, or standard/enhanced rate of PIP, the supporter is entitled to receive a ticket for one personal assistant free of charge.

Seat Location:

We will sell in the below order as requested by Liverpool Football Club:

General Admission:

Block 121- Sell 1st
Block 122- Sell 2nd

Wheelchair User Seats:

We have recieved an allocation of 9 pairs of Wheelchair User and Personal Assistant tickets.

There are in the front of Block 122

Ambulant Disabled Seating:

For accessible seating, Liverpool suggest the seats as near to the front as possible due to the problems encountered with persistent standing.

The seats that they have identified as being most accessible are:

Block 122, Row 6, 28 & 29 and 32 & 33.
Block 122 Row 7, 24-29 & 32-37.

Additional Information:


Visually Impaired Supporters:

If you require a digital headset for listening to the commentary, please let us know no later than 3 days prior to the game so we can contact Liverpool for this to be organised.

Car Parking:

Liverpool have advised us that they currently do not offer any car parking facilities on a match day for any visiting supporters due to being located within a residential area.

Toilet Facilities:

Liverpool have advised us that their accessible toilets are fitted with RADAR locks. They have said for all disabled supporters who are attending to bring their RADAR key.

Coach Travel and pick-up points/times:

Pick-up points/times:

Weymouth (Esplanade K1 Bus Stop): 01:45am
Dorchester (Tesco Fountain): 02:00am
Poole (Train Station): 02:40am
Branksome (Bus Stop John Lewis): 02:50am
Vitality Stadium: 03:30am
Ringwood: 03:40

We continue to subsidise coach travel to encourage as many supporters as possible to enjoy travel on our supporter coaches.


ST Holders: £27.00
Non-ST Holders: £29.00

Club Class:

ST Holders: £32.50
Non-ST Holders: £35.00

Accessible Minibus:

We have an accessible minibus travelling up to the match. It holds x3 wheelchair users and x3 personal assistants. Pricing for the minibus is the same as for the supporters coach with personal assistant seat issued for free of charge. The only designated pick up point is at Vitality Stadium, leaving at 03:30am