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Season Ticket Renewal:

How do I renew my Season Ticket?


Your Season Ticket can be renewed in three ways – online at tickets.afcb.co.uk / via phone 0344 576 1910 (option 1) / in person by coming down to Vitality Stadium

To assist supporters with renewing their season ticket, the Club have put together a video guide: https://youtu.be/mWnb-kOlM78

What are the deadline dates for Season Ticket renewal?


The Season Ticket renewal period is between 15th of May and 12th of June. Supporters looking to renew their season ticket via V12 Season Ticket finance (www.v12seasonticketfinance.com) have until Wednesday 5th June to do so.

Can I move my Season Ticket?


Yes. After you have renewed your Season Ticket you will have the opportunity to move your seat on 18th June.

Can I renew my Season Ticket after the deadline has passed?


No. If you miss the deadline you will not be eligible to renew your season ticket and your seat will be released for supporters who book tickets on match by match basis.

Season ticket holders who do not renew their season ticket seat will start the 2019/20 season with the maximum starting home league points tally (19) for match by match sales.

Can I change the name on my Season Ticket?


No; Season tickets can only be renewed and used by the same person as last season.

A family member has passed away and as a family we would like to retain the Season Ticket in the family, is this possible?


Unfortunately we are unable to transfer the name on season tickets as this would constitute the issuing of a new season ticket, something the Club does not do.

The reason we do not issue new season tickets is that we have a large number of supporters on maximum home points and not enough season ticket seats come available to accommodate all of these supporters leaving an impossible situation of having to select supporters from this group.

With this in mind it would be unfair on this group of supporters to issue a season ticket in the name of a family member when a season ticket holder passes away.

What are the qualifying criteria for Season Ticket holders to remain within or relocate in to the Family Stand?


The ratio of children to adults is 1:2. That is one child (15 and under) to two adults.

Supporters that no longer qualify are asked to relocate to an alternative location within the stadium. This ensures that we retain the atmosphere of the family area and allow more families to experience this.

You can relocate your Season Tickets seat from 9am, Tuesday 18th June to 5pm, Tuesday 18th June.

Once I`ve paid for my new 2019/20 Season Ticket, when will I receive it?


You will receive your Season Ticket in early July, in time for the start of the season. To ensure your Season Ticket is active for the start of the season, we will carry out several checks in advance of dispatch however we expect to be posting all season tickets by early July.

Please note: Your 2019/20 Season Ticket will be sent to the address we hold on the system at the time of purchase. If you move to a new house after this time, please ensure that you have set up a mail redirect with Royal Mail and please ensure you amend your address details on your online account, or advise the Club in writing of your change of address.

What do I have to do if I no longer want to renew my Season Ticket?


If you no longer want to renew your season ticket, the system will automatically release your seat for match by match sale if you do not renew by the 12th June. Supporters who choose not to renew their season ticket seat will start the 2019/20 season on the maximum starting home points tally (19).

Do you offer a payment plan for purchasing my Season Ticket?


Yes. We will be using the same service we have used in past seasons in partnership with V12 season ticket finance. For all information about the V12 service, you can visit their website.


What if I am away during the period of Season Ticket renewals?


If you are away during the season ticket renewal period the best option is to renew your season ticket online. If you are unable to renew your season ticket online, you can ask a friend or family member to renew your season ticket-if you choose this option, please supply your friend or family member with all of the information requested on your renewal form.

There will be no extension to the season ticket renewal window for supporters who are on holiday during the renewal window.

What do I need to do if I now have to pay a different price type for my Season Ticket?


If you are moving to a different area of the ground, we ask you to renew your season ticket as you usually would and when it comes to the move we will then be in touch to request the difference or refund the extra paid on the selected seat.

If you are changing price type your season ticket renewal offer will have already been altered to reflect this.

My child is going to University/starting a Saturday job, can someone else use the Season Ticket?


You can upgrade the season ticket at a maximum of 5 times during a season and season tickets can be used by close friends or family members of the same price type. If you choose to upgrade a season ticket, or pass it to a family member or friend, please be aware that the actions of the ticket holder are the responsibility of both the ticket holder, and the season ticket holder who’s seat they are using; accordingly, any sanctions for bad behavior will be applied to both supporters.

 Another option available to supporter is our resale partner, Twickets, which provides season ticket holders with the option to sell their ticket on a match by match basis to supporters with 1+ home points. All tickets sold via Twickets are sold ethically at face value to AFC Bournemouth supporters with the season ticket holder receiving money back from the sale.

General Season Ticket info:

Can I buy a Season Ticket?


AFC Bournemouth season tickets are only available to existing season ticket holders who are renewing their season ticket for the coming season.

What happens to the Season Tickets that are not renewed?


Where a season ticket is not renewed for the upcoming season the seat is released for general admission sale.

Do you have a waiting list for Season Tickets?


There is curently no season ticket waiting list for AFC Bournemouth season tickets.

What happens if I lose my Season Ticket card?


Season ticket cards that are lost or misplaced will incur a replacement fee of £10.

What if my season ticket card has been stolen?


If your season ticket card has been stolen, please provide the club with a Crime Reference Number (CRN) so that your card can be replaced free of charge.

What if I forget my season ticket at home?


In circumstance where a supporter has forgotten their ticket, a paper ticket may be issued, however this will incur a £5 charge at the discretion of the club.

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AFC Bournemouth Ticketing FAQs - Season Tickets (Last updated 28th May 2019)