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Priority Points


Cherries Points is a points scheme put in place to ensure that supporters who have regularly attended fixtures during the points window are able to continue to do so.

How can i purchase an AFC Bournemouth match ticket?


All general admission match tickets are made available for sale via a points scheme called Cherries Points.

How do I accrue points?


Supporters can accrue 1 Cherries Point per match ticket purchased to a maximum of one point per game.

Home, Away, Cup


Supporters’ points records are split in to home league points, away league points and cup points.

What does total points mean?


A supporters’ Cherries Points total includes points accumulated during the current season and the previous season; any points accumulated prior to the previous season will not be valid.

Why can i not purchase a ticket without points?


Supporters who are trying to get their first point should check the Club`s On Sale Schedule to see when games will drop to general sale (dependent on availability). For Junior Cherries with no points the Club runs a ticket ballot to enable young fans to come to their first Premier League game.

How can i check my points total?


Points can be checked at any time via the “My Account” section of a supporter’s online account

Do I need an online account to check my point total?


Yes. For guidance on how to create an online account, please see our “How to Guides” on the ticketing website tickets.afcb.co.uk.

Do i get points from all games that are on sale?


Points are not usually awarded for friendly or other fixtures (non-Premier League, FA Cup or League Cup) however this may vary at the Club’s discretion.

When is my point added to my account?


All points are added to supporter accounts after match tickets have been purchased. If tickets are refunded the corresponding Cherries Point will be removed from the supporter account.

Can anyone else attend the match if I purchase a ticket on my account?


Match tickets purchased via the Cherries Points scheme must be used only by the points holder who is named on the ticket; if you purchase a match ticket and are subsequently unable to attend, please see our refund policy HERE.

Do I get points if I am a Season Ticket Holder?


Season ticket holders will accrue home league points for matches included in their season ticket however these are only activated in the event of a season ticket being refunded or not being renewed. Season Ticket Holders accrue away league and cup Cherries Points in the same way as other supporters and these are active from the time the match tickets are purchased.

Can I buy a ticket from any other sites online?


AFC Bournemouth do not recommend purchasing tickets via a non-official channel ; match tickets not purchased from AFC Bournemouth will not count towards your Cherries Points total.

Club`s official sales channels


The Club’s official channels are via tickets.afcb.co.uk or via the Twickets website (the AFC Bournemouth official ticket re-sale partner)

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AFC Bournemouth Ticketing FAQs - Cherries Points (Last updated 21st March 2019)