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How to Book Home Tickets Online


This video will guide you through how to book home tickets online. The written instructions for booking a home ticket can be found below this video.

To purchase tickets online you will need to first login to your account. To access this page, load your preferred browser and type in tickets.afcb.co.uk, once the page has loaded click on “My Account” on the red navigation bar, and then Login with your details.

Once you have logged in, click on “Tickets” at the top of the page next to the AFCB Badge, this will take you to the main page where you can purchase tickets. Here you will see all the games that are currently available to purchase tickets for.  

To purchase tickets, click the red “Buy” button next to the game you wish to attend. You will then be presented with a map of the stadium, along with the price list for each ticket.

If you hover over a block on the stadium map it will turn one of four colours. Red means that the block is sold out. Yellow means there are a limited number seats available. Blue means there quite a few seats available. Green means are a lot of seats available.

Once you have found a block where you would like to sit, click on the said block and a seating plan will be displayed. Bright green means the seats are available, while a dulled green means the seats are unavailable.

Clicking on a seat will bring up a dialog box which will allow you to select the type of ticket you wish to purchase. You can repeat this process until you have the amount of tickets required.

Once complete, click on the red “Add to Order” Button at the bottom left of the page, you will be then be presented with an order review page, where you can check the details of the tickets before continuing. If you are happy, click on “Continue”, confirm your billing address and delivery method and then click “Continue” again.

The final step is to input your credit or debit card details and then click buy at the bottom right hand corner.


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